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In Our Shoes Walking Tours is a social enterprise managed by Robert Emmet CDP, a community development project based in Dublin 8.

Robert Emmet CDP delivers a variety of programmes that service local needs in order to build a strong community where everyone is heard and no-one is left behind.

We deliver core charitable programmes- an after school programme for children aged 7 – 12 and an adult education curriculum in addition to acting as a general resource centre- to establish a baseline of wellbeing for community members and to establish connectivity and trust from which to launch more ambitious capacity building projects.

We operate two social enterprises- In Our Shoes Walking Tours and Bee8 in order to create education and employment opportunities for local community members directly in addition to supporting our local community with opportunities to take control of its own narrative and generate value directly.

We coordinate with the Oliver Bond House Regeneration Forum- a multi stakeholder consultative forum overseeing the proposed physical and social regeneration of Oliver Bond House.

In Our Shoes Walking-Tours guide giving a talk

As a trusted stakeholder in the South West Inner City, we are well positioned to act as a conduit between community and statutory organisations to assess levels of need and develop a fact based approach to the evolution of future policies and development plans governing the area.

We consistently support local communities’ input & development processes and also support the development of appropriate data, where this does not already exist.

Finally, we believe that a healthy community results from a vigorous and positive interplay between representative and participative democracy and operate a number of projects such as ‘Reimagine Marshalsea’ which provides community-led design groups, with a leading role in the development of the local area.