Explore Dublin’s real Liberties
with genuine local guides
Discover the hidden city
only the locals know
Inspiring Routes
Local Charm
Hidden Histories

“Maps and guidebooks, apps and tourist products will never compete with the authentic experience of a charming local guide revealing the secrets and gems of their local area. I learned more about Dublin in an hour than I did in the previous two weeks of my stay. And more importantly, the memories, the laughs and photos stay with me.”

Local guides showing you what it’s like to live in the Liberties

All cities have a heart. That heart is not just a place. It’s a story. It’s a community. It’s a web of hidden secrets.

In Our Shoes Tours takes you right to that heart. It invites you to uncover those secrets. To understand its community. Local guides will lead you off the beaten track, through local history and folklore, by landmarks famous and hidden, through high streets and back lanes – right to the heart of The Liberties, the heart of Dublin.

Let us guide you though the hidden city that only the locals know through this one-of-a-kind, authentic and fun experience.

Exceptional, entertaining, unforgettable.