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In Our Shoes Walking Tours is even more unique because of your wonderful local guides who live locally.

They’re the people with the insider knowledge. The local charm. The unique access to the good, the bad and the intriguing. Curious chronicles and colourful characters are brought to life through their knowledge and storytelling. All our guides have been professionally trained and are an integral part of our local Community Development Project which is tasked to enhance the lives of local people.


Anthony Freeman

I’m Anthony - born and bred in the Liberties, in the heart of Dublin and proud of where I’m from. It’s important that people from the area have a voice and are able to control the conversation that is happening around the area. That’s what In Our Shoes Walking Tours does for me and I think that’s really important.

As well as being a tour guide at In Our Shoes Walking Tours, Anthony is an art enthusiast and a budding beekeeper. He is very passionate about the community and believes it's at the centre of all that we do.


Laura Keegan

Laura has always called Dublin home but has been living in the Liberties for the past 8 years. She loves showing people the history of the Liberties through it's ever changing buildings and streets, and sharing the stories of the people who have made the Liberties what it is today.

Her tour will bring you around the Liberties learning about how the area has historically changed time and time again, and how in recent years it has experienced rapid development, creating challenges for the community and the area's very identity.

Trainee Benedetta

Benedetta Bruno

Benedetta has dreamed about being a tour guide since she was a child! She graduated in European Languages and Cultures before gaining professional tour guide qualifications and entering the world of guiding in 2010.

Benedetta has experience guiding in both Italy and Ireland and her tour of The Liberties is available in English and Italian.

She loves detailed enquiries- customer passion for the smallest cultural detail nourish her passion for this profession!

Liam Murphy

Liam is a Dublin native with a background in stage and film acting and also language teaching. He has strong family links with the Liberties and volunteers with community projects in the area for both the youth and the elderly.

Liam has a keen interest in local history and culture and enjoys sharing this with others.

Adrienne Garvey

Adrienne Garvey

Adrienne is a native of Dublin and loves its history and culture.  Her connection with the Liberties goes back to childhood when she went to school in the Coombe. There she learned just how historically important the Liberties is and for Adrienne, it is a place that holds the authentic spirit of Dublin.

Adrienne is a National Tour Guide and she received her badge in 2022.

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